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 Youngsters are grazed on the limestone land of the west of Ireland famous for producing tough durable horses. An 8 month drought free grazing season  enables an optimum environment for horses to grow both Physically and Mentally in natural herd environs.                                        

To support the national and international market place breeders within MRBG offer a foal to 3yo rearing facility where the breeder and  new owner agree under contract to rear the young sport horse until it is 3 years old.

Contact:  for further details call 00353(872528473) 


Mayo Roscommon Breeders Group has made it possible to have our  elite event youngsters contract reared in Ireland
There is careful and diligent Rearing and handling of youngsters from 1 to 3yo taking care of hoof trimming, teeth, dosing, vaccinations ect.
Super contract facility provides safe environment during winter months, with access to grass during a long grazing season
The capability of producing the 3yo to access suitability for the sport and preparing them for the next stage of their sporting career provides valuable insights for the owner.  

Sporthorse Event producer

With Mayo Roscommon Breeders Group, our youngsters have been reared, trained and taken care of to an exceptional standard ready to be produced for the showjumping sphere under saddle coming into their 4th year.

Winning the best mare at a 2022 HSI sponsored 3yo loose Performance Class was an extra bonus where one of my reared mares  was professionally handled and produced at MRBG for the event and was evaluated on the loose. Professional videos and pictures were available to me after the event.

MRBG Farms sustainably and enhances biodiversity which is a similar mindset to our activities at my base in Karlswood, Co Meath.

John Joe,
for Cian O Connor,

Year 1:

The foal is weaned from the mare at 7 to 8 months and will be housed in a group of 2 to 3 foals for company over the winter months. In spring time they becomes yearlings they are let out into the lush pasture of the limestone land of the West of Ireland famous for producing tough durable Horses. All lessons are short, no more that 15 minutes, and focus only on one or two things. We give lots and lots of praise.
Next year the growing slows down and they are ready for some new lessons.

Year 2:
Close attention is payed to their growth, making sure that they are not getting too thin or too fat. They will get good nutrition from a low starch, low sugar grain at least twice a day and plenty of grass and/or hay. They are kept on a continuous wormer and/or frequent paste wormer program.

The first outing will be a great foundation of experience in their third year when the will be expected to perform at national young horse eventing and showjumping loose jumping competitions

Year 3:

At three years old, most horses have done most of their growing and are filling out into a mature horse. Irish/Warmblood horses frequently continue to grow in height for a few more years, but it is usually not more than another hand or less. Their growth plates have closed and it is safe for them to loose school over jumping lane grids.

A separate contract for participation in national young horse eventing and show jumping loose jumping competitions. can be drawn up if the owner agrees that this production as a 3yo is of benefit to the young horse.

Young horse Production capabilities

Now that we are in Edition 6 of the foal sale, the contract reared foals have matured and the demand for the training and production services has increased. The Breeders group have worked with the client and selected horse producers to produce and nurture the young athlete from his third year through to its 4th year, having them ready for advanced training at 5.

 Sustainable Equine Farming

•Planted hedges and rested hedgerows to aid Biodiversity

•Soil sampling and analysis minimizing fertilizer inputs & maintaining nutrient requirements

•Reduced stocking rates with equine methane emissions 83% less than Bovine equivalent,

•Farming sustainably while enhancing biodiversity at the heart of everything we do.

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