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Welcome everyone to the Irish Horse Center auction site.

The Aim: 

'Connect the international equestrian community with leading Irish breeders and producers'.

Our Story: 

The platform is powered by the Mayo Roscommon Breeders Group which was formed in 2009 by the founding members Patrick Hester Jnr, Mark Hester, Noel Kilroy, John Murphy and the late Jarlath Cummins to create a group of like minded performance horse breeders in the west of Ireland.  

The group has grown considerably in recent years both in terms of its membership and its activities particularly in foal and young horse evaluation and breeder education. Great progress has been achieved from the groups involvement in the Department of Agricultures Equine Knowledge Transfer program which convened 2016 to 2019 which enabled the group to grow its membership, gain knowledge from guest speakers and as the group dynamic evolved so did the groups ability to identify the challenges in their breeding programs and within the Industry.

Flagship Development: 

Ireland is reknowned horse breeding and producing nation with its desirable climate and pastures for optimum growth and development in young horses. It is also a selling nation and provides an equine product to the international market which led the group towards taking control of its own horse marketing which led to the development of The Breeders Select Foal Sale Ireland in 2018 which has now grown  and is established as 'A foal sale for the breeder by the breeder!' 

As the foal sale has evolved where breeding meets the sport and the market so to has the breeding decisions of the breeders become more align with the demands of the market and sport becoming increasing clear in the goal setting of the breeders. 

As the dynamic of the group has grown it has also experienced a significant increase in both national and international enquiries via the group’s network, seeking young horses/ponies (3-4 year olds) and horses under saddle (4-12 year olds) suitable for show jumping, eventing and leisure/amateur disciplines. The group has also recognised a growing demand by the market to connect directly with the breeder/producer therefore:

Irish Horse Centre aims to: 

- Implement a clear and transparent selection process for breeders and producers 

- Increase international marketing and promotion of Irish Bred Horses 

- Develop and support through contract rearing and horse production services, a loyal international customer base.

'Success Breeds Success'

The group has grown considerably in recent years and our success has been a reflection of the groups voluntary hard work with a claer startegy, planning and thye correct action steps towards an end goal. 'Success breeds success' and we believe our success in what we do in our selection process will follow through in the horse which you purchase on this platform and that our vision for breeding, sport and the market will be represented in the horses we select and present on the IRISH HORSE CENTER.

Finally, both the IHC sales team and the members of the Mayo Roscommon Breeders are delighted to present to you the Irish Horse Center auction platform. 

Author: Patrick Hester 



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