Sep 4, 2021

Background & Early Days 

The Irish Horse Centre (IHC) powered by 'The Mayo Roscommon Horse Breeders Group' (MRBG) is a grassroots start-up company established by MRBG's participation in the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine's (DAFM) Equine Knowledge Transfer (KT) Farm Scheme (2016-2019) under Pillar II Funding from the European Union Common Agricultural Policy (2014 to 2020). 

What is the Common Agricultiral Policy? Answer: https://ukandeu.ac.uk/the-facts/what-is-the-common-agricultural-policy/

It was during this Knowledge Transfer Farm Scheme that the group began to identify that the equine farming sector lacked recognition and awareness in terms of its economic value to the exchequer and its role in the socio-economic fabric of rural Ireland. It was also recognised that it was not included in other DAFM  farm schemes under similar CAP Pillar II funding in particular the Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS II).

Equine Farming Taskforce

The discussion on 'Equine Farming' continued to grow and other equine KT groups began to highlight similar findings and shortcomings in the Equine Farming Sector which was inhibiting progression at the farm level. The above led the Group and other key industry stakeholders to establish the: 'Equine Farming Taskforce' in 2020 with a vision to create awareness of Equine Farming nationally via online webinars and assist communication among breeders with the establishment of what's app groups. 

Why submit a CAP submission for the Equine Farming Sector. (breeding & production)?

The task force was spearheaded by Patrick Hester (MRBG & IHC) and Michael Doherty (Quarryfield Farm) and with the consensus of opinion from both breeders and taskforce members Mark Hester (MRBG & IHC), Noel Kilroy (MRBG & IHC), John Murphy (MRBG & IHC) and Joseph O’Brien (Galway Equestrian Centre) identified early on that a submission should be made to DAFM high lighting the shortcomings in our sector and seek further recognition for 'The Equine Farming Sector' in the upcoming CAP  programme 2023-2027. 

As of last Friday, the 3rd of September the task force successfully submitted what they believe is a comprehensive list of draft interventions for the CAP Strategic Plan which represents the needs and supports the sector both deserves and is entitled to.

Please see attached document EQUINE FARMING SUBMISSION CAP 2023-27 and we look forward to updating you all again soon on how the document develops towards tangible developments for the horse sector and some of the recent developments and responses from the industry since its submission. 

Yours in Equine Farming 

Patrick Hester 

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